Piranha 3DD (2012)

“From his earnestly heroic theme in Return of the Piranha to his Soaring Aria in Trident Aria, Elia Cmiral’s score is nothing but thrilling. The fact that his score plays “straight” only heightens the ridiculousness of a wacky movie like Piranha 3DD. Battle for the Water Park, modern and creepy with military overtones, is remarkable, the introspective Family Photo, haunting. Then, with a drum downbeat and pluck of strings, Kiss of the Life and Shelby and Josh harken back to 70’s awesomeness. Suffice to say there is tasty aural candy throughout the score. Piranha 3DD would not be the same without it and I am grateful to Elia for coming aboard.”
– John Gulager, director

“P3DD marks my fourth collaboration with Elia and quite possibly my favorite. Having a composer of Elia’s sophisticated genius rise to this level of inspired silliness is a bit like Dvorak scoring Pee Wee’s Playhouse. It just works, brilliantly.”
– Joel Soisson, producer

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Album released by Lakeshore Records

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