The Last Express (1997)

“Elia’s haunting orchestral score for THE LAST EXPRESS gave an epic, emotional sweep to our story set on board the Orient Express crossing Europe on the eve of World War I. Using the central motif of a violin, his music transcended the technical limitations of video-game graphics, and reached far outside the confines of the train to evoke the human sorrow of a world about to be torn apart by a century of war. When we re-released THE LAST EXPRESS this year as a universal app for Apple iOS, 15 years after its first release, reviewers singled out the soundtrack for special praise. To stand the test of time so long, given the fast pace of technical change in the video game industry, is a testament to the depth and true feeling of Elia’s music.”
– Jordan Mechner, game designer and screenwriter (The Last Express, Prince of Persia)

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Album released by Intrada

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