Journey to the End of the Night (2006)

“Elia Cmiral is a prince among men – supremely gifted, generous, and exacting. He is classically trained in ‘old world” European tradition while at the same time a totally modern 21st century composer. Creating sonic magic in his studio Elia is like a time traveler. He hurtles between the epochs to bring textures and emotions to his films. I cherish the time collaborating with him on his score, and hope you, the listener, will seek out more of Elia’s music. You won’t be disappointed.”
– Eric Eason, director

“With lyrical beauty and spare, driving percussion, Elia’s score brilliantly supports the complex emotions of this dark and raw film. He gives Journey a thematic core of danger, yearning and loss throughout. Even in the lighter sections, there is always a hint of foreboding. Elia has conjured the magical process of musically evoking emotions, and having it give us clues and insight, granting glimpses into the soul of the characters onscreen. Listen closely.”
– James Acheson, producer


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